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  • Start out by learning about Bond Basics for an Individual Investor—what bonds are and what role they can play in your portfolio. Use the tools and aids to better understand bonds and bond concepts.
  • Then take the next step with the What You Should Know about Bonds section, which builds on what you have learned in Bond Basics. Here you will learn more about the role of bonds and the bond markets in Europe and how external factors can affect your bond investments. Learn how to use financial information to your advantage. This section also offers a helpful Investor’s Checklist which can equip you to begin investing in bonds.
  • Next learn about what Types of Bonds you can invest in.
  • If you are prepared to invest in debt securities, visit our Buying and Selling Bonds section. Gain market and investment insights in our Bond Investments Strategies section.
  • The Bonds at Your Stage of Life section answers questions about how much of your portfolio might be invested in bonds at each stage of your life.

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