What You Should Know

Investor Protection

Investing in Bonds Europe Resource Centre contains links to each European Country’s financial regulator, the entity which is responsible for regulating the financial markets in your country and for protecting and educating individual investors and consumers.

Financial regulators are responsible for helping protect and educate you as an individual investor. On their websites, you may find helpful knowledge- and skill-building financial education information to download. Most have an Investor Alert section with information on how to protect yourself against the latest financial scams and frauds.

Finally, all these sites have information on how the financial regulator in your country oversees different types of financial professionals, financial advisors, brokers, bankers, etc. that you might be choosing to assist you. This section will give you information and criteria by which various types of financial advisors are supervised, registered, certified—and what you can do if you have a complaint or concern about a financial professional’s conduct.

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