What You Should Know

Using Financial Information to Your Advantage

Studies show that some people feel overwhelmed by the amount of financial information available to them. For some individuals, the numbers, maths or calculations in bond financial information can be intimidating. However, it is possible to find and use print and online financial information to help you understand more about bonds and the bond markets. This section outlines some of the resources available to you in print and online and how to use them: what you can learn from reading the financial news; how to read bond data, graphs, charts and tables; and what else to look for, such as economic data relevant to the bond markets.

If you do not understand the graphs or tables you are looking at… Every graph, table and console on Investing in Bonds Europe has a “?” icon in the upper right hand corner of the graph, table or console. If you click on that “?”, you will see an explanation of the table or graph or console (“What is it?”) as well as contextual information to help you understand why it is helpful to look at the chart, graph or table. (“Why do I care?”)

The Resource Centre provides additional links to government and financial education resources.

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