Types of Bonds

Selected Euro-Zone Government Bonds

Each government in Europe issues bonds and individual investors across Europe buy bonds in their country of residence, whether in Europe or abroad. But investors can also invest in government bonds issued outside their country of residence. With the development of the Euro currency, Euro-zone investors can also buy government bonds in other Euro-Zone countries without incurring additional currency risk (assuming they are bonds issued in those countries in Euros). At the same time, individual government bond issues need to be attractive to investors from different countries.

National Treasuries have made an effort to improve the value of their government bond issues to investors. For example, they have made their bonds more similar in structure and characteristics to those in other Euro-zone countries.

Below is more information about European Government Bonds issued from countries in which there is major participation by individual investors. These issues are also likely to be part of most bond funds available to individual investors who may want to invest in a European Government bond fund to have bonds issued by an array of European governments. 

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