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Europe is comprised of multiple countries with individual national government bond markets, different debt agencies or branches of finance ministries, different criteria and definitions for the institutions that “make markets” and different procedures for issuing bonds. Importantly for this discussion about bonds, each country also has different tax code requirements. As bonds can have tax consequences and benefits, it is important for any European investor to consult a tax advisor, a financial advisor or the primary financial regulator and/or tax authority in each country to know the rules.

Below find helpful educational resources on investing topics, including bonds, as well as links to the primary financial regulator and tax authority in each European country.

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Helpful European Financial and Investor Literacy Links

European Financial and Investor Literacy Media and Print Resources

  • Financial Times newspaper and
  • Wall Street Journal Europe
  • Bloomberg
  • For Investing in bonds in the UK:
    • First Steps in Bonds, by Peter Temple (Prentice Hall)
    • Magic Numbers For Bonds And Derivatives: How to Calculate 25 Key Ratios for.Bonds and Derivatives, by Peter Temple
    European Private Sector Resources for Individual Investors
  • TLX S.p.A. organizes and manages markets for the trading of financial instruments aimed at the investment needs of non-professional investors, including setting the rules governing market function, providing information on various types of bonds and company information and setting requirements for admission of financial instruments.

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